Power take-off boxes (PTO) for trucks produced in the CIS countries

Power take-offs for trucks and checkpoints of the following manufacturers in the CIS countries:
Power take-off boxes for YMZ;
Power take-offs for WHO;
Power take-offs for GAS;
Power take-offs for KAMAZ;
Power take-offs for MAZ;
Power take-offs for URAL;
Power take-offs for KrAZ;

The development of technology in the USSR followed a path that was significantly different from foreign, which led to the creation of their own norms and standards, which are not compatible with Western models. OMFB is focused on the CIS market, thanks to which hydraulic components designed specifically for CIS cars have been developed, which has made it possible to supply OMFB products to the conveyors of MAZ and KAMAZ car plants. Currently, the specialists of HYDROTRANS LLC can select the necessary hydraulic component (power take-offs, hydraulic pumps: gears, axial-piston, etc.) for any model of a truck made in the CIS.

Regarding the comparative cost of Italian hydraulics and hydraulics produced in the CIS countries. It can be said that OMFB hydraulics will be more expensive than hydraulic components manufactured in the CIS, China and Turkey, but this comparison is initially incorrect. Take, for example, the hydraulic pump manufactured by OMFB, with a cast iron housing and self-compensation system, which provide stable operation throughout the service life and a budget option, which in intensive operation begins to lose catastrophic performance, which in turn leads to downtime and repair.

Knowing the cost of 1 hour of operation (for example, the lease of commercial equipment), 1 hour of repair and 1 hour of downtime, as well as the total period of practical operation by simple calculations will be clear advantage (including financial) of branded Italian hydraulics “OMFB”.

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