OMFB gear pumps are installed in low and medium pressure hydraulic drives at low system capacities. They are economical, relatively unpretentious to the purity of the injected liquid, reliable, compact and inexpensive.

Used to drive the hydraulic system of an agricultural tractor, dump truck, garbage truck, crane, fuel truck, truck crane and other hydraulic systems (industrial and industrial direction).

OMFB gear pumps include versions for medium, high and very high pressure ranges (up to 320 bar). With various connection standards (DIN, UNI, ISO, SAE) and working volumes from 6 to 150 cm³ / rpm (l / min at 1000 rpm). It is possible to use the system “TANDEM” with two pumps for 2 streams of hydraulic fluid (2 sections).

gear pumps

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Відеоогляди шестерних насосів OMFB (Італія), на ютуб-каналі ТОВ “Гідротранс”

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