Gear pump LTMH ISO with side connection hole. cast iron housing, for medium and heavy (medium-heavy duty) operating conditions, working volume from 90 to 120 cm³ / rpm (l / min at 1000 rpm, maximum working pressure up to 230 bar)  ,  connecting standard LTMH ISO, compact size pumps are ideal for use with direct power take-offs, thrust bronze plate (Optional).

OMFB pump type,
Catalog number Working volume Maximum
working pressure,
speed of rotation,
Bidirectional (reversible rotation) cm³ / rpm
(l / min at 1000 rpm)
bar rpm
LTMH-90 ISO 10503310908 90 230 1800
LTMH-100 ISO 10503311005 100 220
LTMH-112 ISO 10503311121 112 205
LTMH-120 ISO 10503311201 120 195 1500
Шестеренчатый _насос_OMFB_NPH_UN_буклет_2
Шестеренчатый _насос_OMFB_NPH_UN_буклет_2
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