Repair kits, gaskets, sensors, selectors (joysticks, levers)

Sensors in Allison automatic transmissions

For reliable and uninterrupted operation, for smooth and clear gear shifting in automatic transmissions (automatic transmission) “Allison” (“Allison”) with an electronic control system uses data from sensors. Sensors are used to obtain speed information (“Speed ​​sensors” – sensors installed directly in the automatic transmission), as well as the position of the accelerator pedal (“TPS – throttle position sensor” or “load sensor”). Pressure change sensors are installed in the hydraulic system.
Gas pedal position sensors depending on the model and design of the vehicle, the location of the sensor (“TPS”) has different lengths. This is important when choosing them for replacement.

Gaskets and repair kits for repair of automatic transmissions “Allison”

For high-quality and professional repair of “Allison” automatic transmissions, original gaskets are used separately or as part of repair kits and kits. The use of original gasket material in combination with the recommended tightening torques of the threaded connections eliminates oil leaks and thread breakage after repairs or replacement of gearbox components.

Solenoids for Allison automatic transmissions

Solenoids (solenoid) are used in the systems with electronic control of the hydraulic system for the correct operation of the automatic transmission “Allison” and the smooth inclusion of the required transmission.

Selectors (joysticks, levers) for switching Allison Transmission automatic transmissions

Are applied on transmissions of Allison 1000-2000 series, joint-stock company 545, MT 600 on armored cars Patrol B, Triton

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