Gear pumps LTH ISO, reversible cast iron gear pumps, working volume from 43 to 100 cm³ / rpm (l / min at 1000 rpm), maximum working pressure up to 230 bar, connecting standard ISO (3 bolts), lateral connecting hole autocompensation system (allows to keep stability of parameters, during all term of operation), for average and heavy operating modes (medium-heavy duty), a bronze thrust plate (additional option).

OMFB pump type,
Catalog number Working volume Maximum
working pressure,
speed of rotation,
cm³ / rpm
(l / min at 1000 rpm)
bar rpm
LTH-43 ISO 10502810432 43.12 230 1700
LTH-61 ISO 10502810610 60.06 190 1500
LTH-82 ISO 10502810825 81.08 160 1400
LTH-100 ISO 10502811002 98.18
Gear _pump_OMFB_LTH_ISO_booklet_1
Шестеренчатый _насос_OMFB_LTH_ISO_буклет_1
Шестеренчатый _насос_OMFB_LTH_ISO_буклет_1
Шестеренчатый _насос_OMFB_LTH_ISO_буклет_2
Шестеренчатый _насос_OMFB_LTH_ISO_буклет_2
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