The offer of Carraro spare parts also extends to lubricants

As a result of the cooperation of Carraro and Fuchs, a leading company in the lubricants market, with branches and production units in more than 40 countries, CarraroOil has   emerged  , a range of oils designed to guarantee optimal lubrication and high wear protection for large range of products. , Such as transmission, brakes, clutches, gearboxes and motors.

CarraroOil range of lubricants

The Power Life Lub product line   for axles and transmissions includes 3 products:

  • Universal 80W   for assemblies consisting of friction material (brakes, clutches and self-locking materials)
  • 80W-90   for mechanical components
  • 85W-140   for axles and transmissions where high viscosity is required

The Gear Life Lub product line   includes   C220  , a fully synthetic gear lubricant.

Finally,  Engine TurboLub  is a new line designed to lubricate engines.
10W-40   and   15W-40   are motor oils created on the basis of modern technologies for commercial, agricultural and earthmoving machines.

CarraroOil lubricants are   already used in the Group’s production units as first refueling oils for tractors, axles and transmissions, and are now available as a “spare part”.

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