OMFB power take-off box set (Italy) on the septic tank on the JAC N120 chassis

OMFB power take-off box set (Italy) on the septic tank on the JAC N120 chassis

The company   “AHSOLKO Ukraine”   made Cesspool cleaner delivery vehicle based JAC N120 capacity of 5 cu.



Septic tanks on the basis of the JAC N120 car favorably differ: durability of a design thanks to a double frame of the chassis of the JAC N120 car; economy and power provided by the CUMMINS engine – 125 kW / 170 hp paired with a 6-speed manual transmission; high passability – car clearance 210 mm; metal protection of the car check point; and good stability even on poorly paved roads, thanks to the full-size wide rubber 255 / 70R22.5.


The power take-off shaft of Italian production (OMFB HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS) in pair with the pump provides productivity of 360 cubic meters per hour.


Also this car favorably differs from other manufacturers by the rich complete set, already in basic execution you receive the conditioner, the radio tape recorder with USB, the electric drive and heating of rear-view mirrors, the central lock, the onboard computer, cruise control, daytime running LED lights, heating of fuel tank and tank for Ad-Blue, fuel filter separator heated FLEETGARD, 1 berth, top spoiler and many other useful options.


The customer was satisfied with the quality and speed of the order.