Hydrotrans LLC is an authorized distributor of AVTEC (India) in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Hydrotrans LLC is an authorized distributor of AVTEC (India) in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries.

Dealer Certificate Signed Hydrotrans-001
Dealer Certificate Signed Hydrotrans-001

The Birla Group is a growing conglomerate of $ 8 billion with a history of long-standing relationships with restored global companies.

With more than 20,000 employees, 24 production facilities and numerous patents and awards, Groups is represented on five continents. We operate in three industrial clusters: technology and automotive, home and architecture, and health and education.

Our company is strengthened by joint owners and common management principles, which include long-term tricks, endless basic relationships and philanthropists. Such a business is a transformation of the building into a collective direction and a synergy of the size and scope of the Group.

About AVTEC:

AVTEC is one of the major independent designers of energy projects and concept-engineering products in India. It is part of CK Birla Group – the world’s leading business house, with more than 20,000 employees and a combined turnover of $ 1.8 billion.

With many years of manufacturing experience, AVTEC provides expertise throughout the value chain of engine design and manufacturing; High positioning transmission components and components, such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshafts, camshafts, cam rods and gear transmissions for the automotive, off-road, agriculture and railway industries, in the field of both branded products and contract manufacturing.

The company serves well-known domestic and global cars and off-road companies, including global OEMs such as Allison, Alstom, Ashok Leyland Transmission, Caterpillar, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, Eaton, Ford India, ISUZU Motors, Punch Powertrain SANY, Volvo Eicher Commerci and much more.

The home territory of AVTEC is engaged in the enterprises of the technical center in Hosur, the research enterprises in Hosur and Pithampur, and the modern production facilities in Hosur, Chennai, and Pithampur. All its capabilities are TS 16949 and QS 14001, equipped with high-tech technologies and designed for staff.

With its overall R&D and printing development, which includes transmission and innovative drive systems across Switzerland, based on its subsidiary ASSAG, AVTEC is relying on strengthening its customer team as a “single window” for Powertrain worldwide.


AVTEC SUV division is the leading representative of transmission units for the off-road segment in the domestic and international markets. AVTEC should aim to take into account the off-road market with its wide level of Transmissions for transportation and cycling for customers in different segments, such as:

Materials Processing
Subway Railway and Railway
AVTEC is a world-class company in Hosuri, Tamil Nadu, producing automatic transmissions for cycling and shifting and Powershift transmissions for off-road applications.

The Hosur plant also produces domestically designed transmissions for transport and unloading and locomotive equipment, as well as for some defense applications. Structured as a business concept structure that is well adapted to give your own product a mix and support a faster response.

AVTEC’s own research and development capabilities in India and Switzerland have made it the only Indian player with the ability to supply units and components for the off-road industry to leading OEMs such as BEML, Caterpillar, Tata Hitachi, S&T Construction Equipment Limited, Cargotec, KION and Godrej. , which include a wide range of applications, including wheel loaders, dump trucks, drilling rigs, hydraulic pumps, forklifts, OHE rail vehicles, cross-country cranes and more.

R&D Competencies
AVTEC’s success is due to its strong emphasis on in-house research and product development capabilities.

AVTEC has a centralized technology center in Hosur; developing opportunities on the course of Hosur and Pithampur around with a house design in Switverly. Both Indian centers are building to improve the current product and design new products to increase the range of applications. Both Indian centers are recognized by the Government’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). India.

The main strength of AVTEC is the absorption of technology, seamless integration of product design, prototyping, testing and verification. The company offers a full range of solutions for power units (its, engine and transmission systems) and components – with product concept, design, prototyping, testing, testing and production.

AVTEC technology centers have also been introduced into design and development products with new tool programs such as UG, ProE, Kiss-soft, AVL Boost, Romax, Nastran, Ansys, etc., as well as their own transmission testing tools, emission test benches and more.


Product Details
Traction Transmissions
AVTEC offers long-lasting and reliable transmissions for a variety of transport applications, such as mining machines and oilfield equipment. These automatic and power shifts have gearbox units designed and developed for continuous operation in the most difficult situations and work in a warm area with ease. All these transmissions are connected to AVTEC’s own electronic controls, the automatic transmission system (HATS). HATS offers revolutionary controls with seamless communication between machines and other systems and develops a real-time microcontroller unit with a mat-optimized core, built with powerful staff, contributing to high efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

AH8700 Series

Model name AH8700 series
No input power 1050-1200 hp (783 kW – 895 kW)
Net Input Torque 3200-3600 Lb Ft (4339-4881 Nm)
Input speed (Max) 2300 Rpm
Speeds 7F / 1R
Segment Mining, oil field

5600/6600 series

Model name 5600/6600 series
No input power 550-710 (410 kW – 529 kW)
Net Input Torque 1750-2270 Lb Ft (2373-3078 Nm)
Input speed (Max) 2500 Rpm
Speeds 6F / 1R or 2R
Segment Mining, oil field

750 Series

Model name 750 Series
No input power 445 HP (332 kW)
Net Input Torque 1300 Lb Ft (1764 Nm)
Input speed (Max) 2500 Rpm
Speeds 5F / 1R
Segment Mining, oil field

Cycling transmissions

AVTEC offers automatic and power shift cycling transmissions that have proven to meet all these expectations for tough applications such as Wheel Loaders, Motor graders, Forklifts, Rough Terrain Cranes, Railway Locomotives, etc. Cycling transmissions relentlessly perform in demanding environment and withstand continuous heavy loads. These transmissions render driver comfort by allowing easy maneuver of the vehicle through tough terrains.


 CT 100

CT100 is the most popular model in material handling segment with equal forward and reverse gear range. Manual hydraulic shift and manual electric shift is available with engine driven PTO option.

Applications: Used in Forklift, Aircraft tow tractor etc.

Model name CT100
No input power 100 HP (74.5 kW)
Net Input Torque 221 Lb Ft (300 Nm)
Input speed (Max) 2500 Rpm
Speeds 2F / 2R or 3F / 3R
Segment Material handling

 AC 2000

Model name AC 2000
No input power 175 (130 kW)
Net Input Torque 590 Lb Ft (800 Nm)
Input speed (Max) 3000 Rpm
Speeds 4F / 2R or 4F / 3R
Segment Material handling, construction




TT / TRT 2000 series

TT / TRT 2000 is a twin turbine transmission with high ST ratio available with option for output disconnect. Short and Long drop output options are also available to suit various vehicle configurations.

Applications: Used in Forklift, Aircraft tow tractor, wheel loader, cranes, track maintenance vehicle, Material Handling equipment and push back tractors etc.

Model name TT / TRT 2000
No input power 175 (130 kW)
Net Input Torque 310Lb Ft (420 Nm)
Input speed (Max) 3000 Rpm
Speeds 2F / 1R, 1F / 1R or 2F / 2R
Segment Material handling, construction, mining, railway segment

CRT 5633

CRT 5633 is a unique transmission with 3 forward and 3 reverse gears. This transmission is very popular in applications where large amounts of torque multiplication is required out of a small package.

Applications: Used in Wheel Loaders, Wheel Dozers, Heavy Duty Forklifts, Top-Lift Trucks, Reach Stackers and Railway 8 – wheel  &  4 – wheel OHE car, utility vehicle, bridge inspection vehicle, shunting locomotive, etc.

Model name CRT 5633
No input power 430 (320 kW)
Net Input Torque 900Lb Ft (420 Nm)
Input speed (Max) 2500 Rpm
Speeds 3F / 3R
Segment Material handling, construction, railway segment

Other offerings:

AVTEC Off-highway has been successful in evaluating technologically superior products which are needed of the hour. AVTEC has strategically entered certain niches which require precision engineered aggregates and solutions.

Foray into Passenger Transportation – Metro Rail Gearboxes

 Two stage helical bidirectional gearbox is designed and developed in India for metro rail and is optimally adapted to suit Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) and Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) applications. Unique splash lubrication system ensures optimum lubrication to bearings along with fit-and-forget mechanical seals.

Model Name AMR 4000
Max commercial speed 100 kmph
Maximum power 349 kW
Max gearbox speed 4000 rpm
Max torque 1850 Nm
Max axle load 16000 Kg
My Gearbox life 35 years
Overall reduction ratio 6.2
Max Gearbox weight 410 Kg
Operating temperature -40 ° C to +50 ° C

Foray into Renewable Energy – Yaw GearboxesYaw drive is an important component of the horizontal axis wind turbines. It is an integral part of the yaw drive system and ensures that the wind turbine is producing the maximum amount of electric energy at all times. It is used to keep the rotor facing into the wind as the wind direction changes.

Applications: Used in Windmills

Model Name AYG 1050
Gear Ratio 1050 ± 5%
Max Torque 55 kNm
Planetary Stages 4
Weight 350 kg (with oil)
Design Life 20 years
Oil Change Interval 5 years

Foray into Infrastructure and Construction – Transfer Cases

The ATC 3000 transfer case combines on-road handling of a rear-wheel drive with all-terrain capability. It automatically delivers precise amount of torque needed to the front and / or rear axle. By providing on-demand torque, the ATC 3000 improves vehicle dynamics by increasing stability and enhancing driver comfort, whether driving off-road or on-road, in normal or difficult weather conditions.

Applications: Used in Concrete Mixers, Concrete Boom Pumps, etc. 

Model Name ATC 3000
Speeds Two
Shafts 2
Ratio 1: 1 and 2.5: 1
Input horsepower maximum 447 kW (600 HP)
Input Speed ​​maximum 3000 rpm
Output Location Lower Front / Rear
Input-Output drop 215 mm (8.46 ”)
Nominal input torque rating 16270 Nm (12000 lbs-ft)
Front Declutch Air Engaged
Hi / Lo Shift Spring default into high. Air shift into low.

Foray into Defense Applications –

AX350 Automatic Transmission

The AX350 is an automatic transmission designed and developed for light-medium tracked vehicles with engine ratings up to 335 kW (450 HP). The AX350 has a cross-drive design that integrates steering and braking into one unit. This transmission has 4 forward and 1 reverse range and an optional second reverse range. It is equipped with fully-electronic controls for use with modern engines and a torque converter with an automatic lock-up clutch for smooth, efficient starts and stops.

Application: Used in Crawler Type Infantry Combat Vehicles

Model name AX350
Gross Input Power (Maximum) 450 HP (335 kW)
Gross Input Torque (Maximum) 1750 lb ft (2372 Nm)
Input Speed 2500 rpm
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 14T – 16T
Gross Input Power (Maximum) 450 HP (335 kW)
Gross Input Torque (Maximum) 1750 lb ft (2372 Nm)

Splitter Gearboxes
Splitter gearboxes are ideal for fitting in diesel motors in order to power several hydraulic pumps. The gearboxes are available in versions for 1-3 pumps and with a number of different ratios enabling the right speed to be obtained for all pumps.

Application: Used in Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System, Refuse trucks, Special purpose vehicles, etc.

Model name ASG 360
No input power 150 hp
Net Input Torque (Max) 360 Nm
Input speed (Max) 3000 rpm
Gear ratio of PTO 1 1.06: 1
Gear ratio of PTO 2 1.06: 1
Gear ratio of PTO 3 1.00: 2.80


AVTEC is part of CK Birla Group, a corporation with a turnover of $ 1.6 billion. CK Birla Group has more than 20,000 employees, 24 production facilities are located around the world, and the impeccable quality of its products is confirmed by numerous patents and awards.

AVTEC is one of the world leaders in the production of automatic gearboxes for automotive, off-road, road construction, agricultural, railway and airfield equipment, and that is why in Ukraine, Europe and the CIS AVTEC is represented by LLC “Hydrotrans”, specialists of the enterprise have many years of experience with automatic transmissions for equipment used in various industries.

Hydrotrans LLC is the official distributor of AVTEC and supplies AVTEC automatic transmissions, spare parts, consumables, oil filters and technical fluids to ensure flawless, reliable and long-lasting operation.

AVTEC automatic transmissions are relevant for companies specializing in the design and creation of new types of equipment for its modernization, as well as carrying out further service and operation. These are factories and enterprises manufacturing dump trucks, including articulated dump trucks, tractors, emergency machines and well repair machines, coltubing units, cranes, railway locomotives, mobile drilling rigs, drilling pumps.

The range of applications and capabilities of AVTEC automatic transmissions is very large and therefore the correct selection in accordance with the customer’s tasks is very important. In their work, AVTEC certified specialists work closely with designers, chief engineers, mechanics and business leaders.

AVTEC automatic transmissions are manufactured in India, at plants located in Hosur, Chinnay and Pitampur. AVTEC is a supplier to a number of OEMs such as Allison T-, BEML, Caterpillar, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Renault-Nissan, Tata-Jaguar and a number of other well-known brands. The practical experience of Hydrotrans LLC specialists with the Allison automatic transmission and directly with the 5000, 6000 and 700 series, which were previously mass-produced from 1985 to 2014 at the AVTEC plants, is very important.